2014 Book Challenges

I love to read.  And I love to participate in book challenges.  These are fun ways to make sure that I'm continuously AND to make sure I read some books that are outside my comfort zone of reading.  I was looking through multiple book challenges that are taking place all over the internet this year, and decided to participate in three separate challenges!

The Full House Reading Challenge, the 2014 Book Challenge on Goodreads, and the Around the World in 12 Books Challenge are the three challenges that I will be participating in this year!  The details of each are below.  I post later on with the books that I've decided to read...once I've made that big decision!  Click on the linked titles below to see the full rules and details.  I've just included the categories of books that must be read for each challenge!

The Full House Reading Challenge

One book from each category must be read, and one free exchange can be made if you don't like a category.

- From the local library
- Best read so far in 2014
- From your wish list
- Set in a different country from you
- Published in 2014
- Theme/issue you think is important
- Setting you'd like to visit
- Suspense or crime
- Contemporary
- More than 400 pages
- Re-read
- Review persuaded you to read it
- Free choice
- Published before 2013
- Book with animal in it
- Won or borrowed
- Historical fiction
- Less than 200 pages
- Non fiction
- Author new to you
- Book from a series
- Free or bought very cheaply
- Published in 2013
- Paranormal, SF, or dystopian
- You love the cover

2014 Book Challenge on Goodreads

One book must be read from each category.

- Read a "chunker" (more than 600 pages)
- Mystery
- Young Adult fiction
- Accidentally watched the movie first
- Relive the magic (read a book from childhood/youth you loved and haven't read recently)
- Gathering dust (had the book for years and still haven't read)
- Loved by others (others are constantly praising this book)
- Second chance (didn't like the first time)
- Award winner
- Classic
- Biography/memoir
- Contemporary fiction
- Non-fiction
- "Adult" fiction
- Fantasy
- Horror
- Lost in Translation (book originally published in a foreign language)
- "Secret Santa" (book assigned to ready by another challenger)
- Short stories
- Graphic novel
- Banned book
- True crime
- Current NY Times #1 Best Seller
- Cover story (a book you chose based solely on the cover image - you are not even allowed to read the description)
- Humor

 Around the World in 12 Books Challenge

Depending on what level you wish to try and reach, you read a certain number of books from all over the globe.  I'm aiming for the Seasoned Traveler level - which is 12 different books throughout the year.  You are allowed to choose the books you read and the countries they are set in...but you should aim to read at least one book set in the following locations:

- Africa
- Asia
- Europe
- Australia/New Zealand
- North America
- South America
- Middle East (bonus)

Have you ever participated in a book challenge?



  1. Sarah, thanks for joining the Full House challenge - I too am a teacher at the other end of the age spectrum - sixty something! I have joined up for about 10 challenges, may be too ambitious but I hope to cross post on some of them.

    1. 10 challenges is a lot, but I still think it's do-able! I've never done (well, completed) a book challenge before, so I'm starting out small! Maybe one day I'll be as adventurous as you!

  2. I think the Full House challenge or the Goodreads one might actually be do-able. Are you going to pick one book that fits in multiple categories across each challenge? So instead of 50+ books, you'll read 25ish books so that one book counts in at least 2 categories?

    1. I have some books that I've picked out that will cross over and count for two challenges. But, I'm trying not to do that too much, because I want it to feel like I actually did two separate challenges, instead of cheating the second one. But, we'll see how that works out!

  3. I haven't finished even 1 challenge (yet) but I've joined some. I've found you on Around the World in 12 Books challenge, and discovered The Full House here, which I joined too. :D

    The GR challenge you mention is not interesting for me because of few of the requirements: YA novel (I strongly dislike it), loved by others & Current NY Times #1 Best Seller ( I couldn't care less about other people's opinions - especially en masse) but I could read a book recommended by a trusted friend who knows what I like to read. I don't "accidentally" watch the movie first. I usually don't watch the films based on books. If I do, it's on purpose, and first before the book. The only exception I made for a film after a book was "The Dune". No second time reading a book unless I just had to drop it because of time issues etc. Book originally published in different language? I think anybody outside USA actually reads books written originally in different language. Reading a book written in original (foreign language for you) language - that is a challenge. It's not even a half of January and I've already read 2 books originally written in English (which is not my native language). It feels like this challenge is for people in USA. I don't need to mention (as it's quite obvious) that what's best selling in USA might not be even available in the rest of the world, right? For me it looks like somebody (a YA in USA) didn't think enough about the challenge.

    Btw, I've made 2 of my challenges for across the world. :D Feel free to join.


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