The Maine Attraction

Whew.  It's been over a month since I last blogged.  Not exactly how I wanted to keep up this blog, but hey...things happen!  Between moving, starting school and not having internet, it's been a little tricky!  Now that I'm all moved in, school is in full swing, and I finally have internet, it's time to start blogging again!

For vacation this year, my family went to Maine.  Why?  Lobster.  Seriously, we went to Maine to get some yummo lobster!  :)  I just love visiting that part of the country.  It's so beautiful there!!  Without further ado, here are some images from our vacation!

Gloucester, MA

Does this look familiar?  It's the Fisherman's Memorial in Gloucester, MA (but looks very similar to the Gorton's fisherman!)

The view from the Summit at our resort property!  We stayed at the most amazing resort!  No hotel - all cabins!  We stayed at the Point Lookout Resort in Lincolnville, Maine.  I highly recommend this property!

Our home away from home for the week!

Our (semi) private driveway!

Some more views from The Summit on the resort's property.  This is a popular wedding location in the area.  I can't imagine why!!

Hello there!


This next series of photos is Acadia National Park.  One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in the United States!

Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park - When the waves roll into this hole/cavern/inlet (to the right of the walkway), it sounds like thunder!  So weird, and so awesome!

Our next adventure was a sailboat ride out of Camden, Maine.  Unfortunately, it got a little foggy (as seen in my next images) so our two hour ride turned into a twenty minute around the harbor cruise.  But, nevertheless, it was an awesome experience while it lasted!

Our captain!

See what I meant by the fog!  By the way, I totally LOVE this photo!  Just something about it!

Camden, Maine.  I just LOVE small towns!  And this one was SUPER busy!

Oh yes - we went to the Lobster Festival in Rockport!  Why not?

This guy is so talented!

Gross!  Why?

What's a Lobster Festival without a...King Neptune...?

They were doing tours of the USS San Antonio, but the lines were long and we decided to nix that idea.

Red's.  Home of the famous Lobster Rolls.  Check out the line.  It's standard here.

Love visiting Maine and stopping at L.L. Bean!

Wilmington apparently floods.  A lot.

Terrible photo, yes.  Terrible storm.  YES!

Nevertheless, an amazing ending to an amazing vacation!

Now, doesn't this make you want to visit? :)


  1. Great pictures! Now I kind of want to go :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Beautiful! I love quaint little towns like this! It's a shame, being from PA Ive never gone past New York. After this post I so need to change that.

    I love that fog picture too, so peaceful looking!

  3. (please forget that this comment is 4 months after you wrote this post)... :)

    So, I think we may have crossed paths this summer. in maine. my mind is BLOWN right now! My family also went vacationing in Maine in August, and we drove through/stopped at Camden, the lobster festival, Acadia, etc. How crazy is that?! We stayed in Sorento. Here's my post about it: Vacationing in Maine


    1. And excuse me for just seeing this comment now! Sorry!

      That's totally crazy! I wish we knew that in advance! haha


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