One Little Word 2017 // Intentional

One little word.

Have you ever chosen 'one little word' for your year?  I've often contemplated doing this fun little challenge where you choose a word for the year and live by that word throughout the year.  But I have never been able to actually decide on a word.


The above list are words I've considered...but have never challenged myself to live by throughout the year.  This year, it's my goal to participate in the One Little Word for 2017.  I thought long and hard on what my word of the year would be.  I looked at my life and noticed which areas needed improvement and adjusting.  I realized where I needed to place my focuses for the year.  I know where I fall short and the goal is to address those issues.

My One Little Word for 2017 is...

One thing has become extremely clear.  I WASTE TIME.  Sometimes I realize when I'm doing this, sometimes I don't.  But I probably wasted more time in 2016 by doing trivial things that didn't help me to grow in any areas of my life.  Therefore, for 2017 I am aiming to me more INTENTIONAL with my life.

I'm going to be more intentional about how I spend my time throughout the day.  Being intentional about my day should lead me to be more focused, productive, and inspired (you know...some of those words I thought about doing in the past)!  

And how am I going to accomplish this?  

--> When I wake up in the mornings, I'm not going to lay in bed for 30 minutes and waste time on social media.  I'm going to be more INTENTIONAL about my mornings.  As soon as I wake up each morning, I'm going to go straight to the Word and begin my bible studies for the day.

--> Speaking of social media, I'm going to spend less time on there throughout the day.  I'll survive if I miss a post from someone on Facebook about what they are eating for dinner.  I'll live if I miss the picture that someone posted about their dog on Instagram.  I'm going to be more INTENTIONAL about how I spend my time online.

--> I'm going to be more INTENTIONAL about the books I read this year.  I'm participating in a Reading Challenge this year (more on that soon) and I'm hoping that it helps me to choose better books to read.  Overall, the books I read are always great.  I'm pretty good about picking a new book to read.  However, I spent a lot of time this year reading books that weren't good - and I realized that these were random books I threw into the mix.  For example, when I wanted to read a new book, and wanted to finish it in just a few days, I would browse through Amazon for a cheap, short book.  This way of choosing books isn't the way to go.  Just saying.

--> Financially, I've failed.  2017 is going to be my year.  I'm going to be more INTENTIONAL on where my money goes.  I'm going to do a better job at tracking my spend, increasing my savings, reducing my debts, and not spending wasteful money on silly things that will give me buyer's remorse a few days later.  

There are so many other areas of my life where I plan to be more intentional this year.  But these are the big areas where I need to prioritize my life.  Have you ever participated in the #onelittleword challenge?  What is your #onelittleword for 2017?

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