Blogger's Ball 2012

*This event is hosted by lala Lists, Jessica Who, and Glossy Blonde.*

This is the first annual Blogger's Ball!  It's a shame that us bloggers can't really get together and ring in the New Year in style, but until that's possible, we can celebrate by having a virtual ball!  Why not?

This is my dress for the Blogger's Ball!  What a fun style!

1. What was your best part of 2012?
2012 was a big year!  I got a new teaching job, moved into my first house, bought my first new car, started this fun little blog, traveled to Maine, hung out with great friends and so much more!  What a year this has been!  I really don't know if I can pick a "best part!"

2. What was your favorite song/book/movie of 2012?
Song: "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood
Book: "On the Island" by Tracy Garvis-Graves was one of my favorite books this year!
Movie: "The Lucky One" with Zac Efron based off of Nicholas Sparks' book

3. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2012?
This goes back to number 1.  That would be between buying my first new car in April, getting a new teaching job, and moving into my first house!

4. What are you looking forward to most in 2013?
Moving into my house began a new chapter in my life.  I'm so excited to continue this chapter of my life and see where I end up!  Oh and my Alaskan cruise this summer is going to be super fun!

5. What are your New Year's resolutions?
- Eat healthier.
- Loose weight.
- Blog more consistently.
- Save money better.  Create a budget and stick to it!



  1. That's such a pretty dress!! :D
    What a fun idea : virtual ball

  2. love that flowy dress!

    and i'm pretty sure we have all of the same resolutions!

    happy new year! xx

  3. lovely post :)
    like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? im already following you
    love the dress!!!!!



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